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CeCe McDonald; A Victim of Racism and Transphobia

An article I wrote about the CeCe McDonald case. CeCe was released from prison January of 2014  after much protest and public outrage.

Photo by Billy Navarro Jr. 

Published in  Socialist Alternative , June 15, 2012

The case of Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald, a 23-year-old African-American transgender woman who was attacked outside a bar in South Minneapolis, highlights both the abuse experienced as a way of life by many trans people and the all-too-prevalent official neglect they experience. Continue reading

Arizona May Deny Transgenders The Right To Use Public Bathrooms

Late in the evening of Wednesday, March 27th
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The Way of The Berdache

File:Rabbit-Tail, Shoshone member of Captain Ray's scout company, half-length, seated, with bracelets and ornamented vest - NARA - 530920.tif

Rabbit Tail, Shoshone scout, 19th century

(I wrote this about ten years ago. I would write it from somewhat more of a materialist perspective today).

The Way of The Berdache


Some, but not all Native American tribes had a social role for what we call a berdache, a transgendered person .Not much is really known about these
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