Adventures in Telemarketing IX, Death Spiral III


My numbers were low. I had four weeks left at Share. I had a lot of mixed emotions. After three years there I had come to hate the job. It was boring as hell. “Making money” as a caller had long ceased serving to motivate me. I didn’t feel I had much in common with most of my co-workers and I had become completely cynical about the non-profits we supposedly raised money for. I had no feeling of common endeavour, of being involved in something which had meaning for me,  besides a rather small weekly paycheck. While this may sound corny, I had no feeling of being uniquely appreciated. I was a completely replaceable cog. The more pressure management imposed, the more difficult the job became for me. On the other hand . I knew I wasn’t good at the job, I didn’t have the personality for it, but I certainly wasn’t there by choice. I needed a job. Continue reading

Adventures in Telemarketing Part VIII, Death Spiral II


The Share call center relocated in January. Most callers were upset about the move. The new location  was in a remote area. For me it took one bus ride to get  to within walking distance of the new location. From Watertown Square I could walk  about a mile and a half  to work or I could take the shuttle bus provided by the company. Half the time I walked. For employees who lived further away getting to Share was much more of a chore. Continue reading