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Barre’s hidden history of Italian-American radicalism

February 23, 2018 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal —
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Antoinette Konikow: Pioneering Fighter for Women’s Rights and Socialism

Antoinette Konikow (1869-1946) was a pioneering socialist feminist, advocate for women’s reproductive autonomy, and a founding member of the Socialist Party of America, the Communist Party, and then the U.S. Trotskyist movement. Sadly, today she is little known and underappreciated, though she deserves wider recognition.

(Published in Left Voice, March 26, 2018)
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Mysterious death in Hubei province sparks mass protests

Up to 70,000 in clashes with security forces

Published in Chinaworker, July 13, 2009

The June 17 death of Tu Yuangao, a 24 year old chef at the Yunglong Hotel in Shishou, Hubei Province, sparked several days of protests involving up to 70,000 people and what essentially amounted to an occupation of the city. Shishou is a city of 620,000. According to the June 23 issue of the online French magazine “The Observers” Shishou residents have been enraged over the suspicious death of Tu. This sparked three days of unrest, creating what has been called the most serious mass incident since the Weng’an ,Guizhou rioting in 2008 involving up to 50,000 people. 
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